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Tokubetsu Junmai Yamahai

National Sake competiton 2018 GOLD Medal

Hagiwara [萩原] - A new brand launched by Tokumasamune [ 徳正宗 ] 


Yamahai is one of the three main ways to create Moto (starter) for sake fermentation. It is the first step in the fermentation process and its main purpose is to achieve high level so yeast activity before being utilised in the main fermentation. The Yamahai starter method was developed early in the Meiji period (1868-1912). It relies on cultivating lactic bacteria to be included in the starter preparation. These lactic bacteria feed the yeast in the starter and produce lactic acid which prevents contamination from unwanted microorganisms. The Yamahai method does not include mixing and mashing of rice, instead, the dissolution of rice is promoted by engaging Koji enzymes. This Yamahai method generally tend to give sake a more pronounced acidity, the profile is also bolder, earthier and spicier on the palate.


The unique combination of the Yamahai method with a sake rice that typically posseses an elevated aromatic profile results in a fruit forward nose with a notably amplified acidity that complements meat-centric and richly flavored cuisine.

 A “yamahai” (which uses a specific process to add lactic acid) is an outstanding choice with a steak. 


ABV 15%

SMV +4

Polishing 60%

Rice : Jiuqu (Ibaraki)

Available In 300ml/720ml/1800ml


Hagiwara Yamahai Junmai has a pleasant acidity and richness with a mellow flavour, complex yet full bodied.


Uniquely elegant & graceful aftertaste, full-bodied, but still complex.

Generally served cold which gives this Yamahai a crisp finish, it can also be warmed up to soften its acidity and sourness, making it more gentle on the palate.


Pairing With Sashimi Sushi & Sukiyaki Or Shabu-Shabu/beef

Ibaraki Tokumasamune - Tokubetsu Junmai Yamahai


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