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Sake Appreciation

Are you looking for creative ways to spend time with your friends and loved ones, to impress your clients, to engage your team members, or simply just interested to learn more about sake? Please read on!


Sake is gaining popularity and remains as an interesting choice of alcohol to many consumers. Many people love to drink sake because it's refreshing and easy to pair with food. One of the biggest headaches though, is being handed a big sake menu in restaurants and not knowing what to order. Junmai? Honjozo? Namazake? How do you read a sake label?!


We're here to help! Embark on a learning journey with Shin Sei Sake as we go back to the basics. Our sake appreciation sessions are fun, interactive and enjoyable - and you get to enjoy our sake!

Our Certified Sake Sommelier will curate a customised sake appreciation session for a private tasting, food pairing experience, or just a delightful evening in private. You and your company will definitely enjoy this unique experience that can be held at our designated premises or at a preferred venue of your choice, even if it's at the comfort of your home.

Shin Sei Sake Singapore - Sake Appreciation

You choose the topic, and the sake:

  1. Sake 101 - Introduction to Sake: What is Sake and the different types of tastings.

  2. Regionality of Sake - Broad tasting or Focus on prefecture.

  3. Type of Sake - Understanding what is the difference between Junmai Ginjo vs Daiginjo

  4. Rice Focus - Does rice variety play a big part in the taste of Sake?

  5. Sake Production - How do you make Sake? How is Sake brewing different from beer brewing?

  6. How do you pair your food with sake? Explore sake food pairing with non-Japanese cuisine 

  7. Blind Sake Tasting - Test your palate!


A fun, interactive and enjoyable session

The easy-going session introduces this unique spirit, the different types of sake and its ingredients, the making processes, understanding sake labels, guided tasting, recommended food pairings as well as interesting sake facts.

Duration: 1.5 to 2.5 hours or more (Depending on your choice of activities)

These private experiences are available for One-on-One or One-to-Group sessions. Please contact us for more information.

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