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Tochigi Sugita Shuzo Sake Brewery

櫪木縣  杉田酒造

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Founder Fusakichi Sugita (杉田房吉) moved from Niigata Prefecture and established the Sugita Brewing Company (杉田酒造) at the tranquil and rural pastures of Kamiizumi (上泉).


The area is remarkably rich with spring water. Throughout Tochigi Prefecture one encounters areas with names that conjure up the image of flowing springs. 


Yuto-Masamune 雄東正宗

Yuto-Masamune is the flagship brand of Sugita Shuzo.

Yuto-Masamune (雄東正宗) sake used to be written using different Kanji characters (優等正宗). After this sake won accolades in a regional sake fair eight times consecutively, the chief tax office supervisor called our sake (Hero of Kanto area). At this point we changed the name from (優等正宗) to (雄東正宗). Both names are read as Yuto-Masamune, but the new name (雄東正宗) includes the Kanji characters 雄 (from Hero: 英雄) and 東 (from Kanto: 関東). 

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