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Junmai Ginjo Kenokawa  


A special product with three rice farmers , working to mak specialty products. "To challenge the potential of rice"  quote by Mr. Sakairi, envisioning sake brewing by Koshihikari, who grew up on their own.

The sake expert consulted with local Hagiwara Sake Brewery (Sakaimachi) and commissioned brewing. The resulting sake was named Junmai Ginjo Sake "Kenogawa". It is said that the Kinu River was named "Kenogawa" in the Hitachi Country Fudoki.


ABV 15%

SMV +2

Rice : Koshihikari

Polishing 60%

Available In 720ml/1800ml

Tasting Note : Medium-Bodied Balance Flavor Crisp Ending Taste 

Food Pairing : With grilled, deep-fried dishes, quality Izakaya dishes & sushi

Ibaraki Tokumasamune - Junmai Ginjo Kenokawa


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