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Made from Ibaraki Prefecture's sake-brewing rice, Hitachi-nishiki as well as yeast, that produce a gorgeous aroma while leaving clear aftertaste. Received the third place on Junmai Ginjo Section of "Sake Competition 2015", the first place on Sake, Junmai Ginjo Section of "International Wine Challenge (IWC)" 2016, and the first place on Junmai Ginjo Section of "U.S. National Sake Appraisal." 


AOKI SHUZO, is located in Uonuma city, Niigata prefecture, known as one of the snowiest regions in Japan. Established since 1717, they have been brewing Sake continuously for over 300 years. 


Additional Information :

SMV: +2.0 (Dry)
Acidity: 1.2
Rice: Hitachi Nishiki
Polish rate: 50%
ABV: 16%


Tasting note : 

Pineapple, citrus, hint of marshmallow. very intense, very modern in style. Wonderful attach with candied citrus and white floral notes following through to the palate. Rich concentrated, delicious with freshly steamed rice finish.


Serving temperature : Very cold to cold temperature

Aoki Shuzo Gokeji Junmai Ginjo Hitachi-Nishiki


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