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Daiginjo Maboroshinotaki


Sake brewed with spring water from 100 famous waters has a solid yet delicious taste and a light quality. The craftsman, Toshiaki Kuwahara, has created a rounded, crisp taste and a mellow scent that suppresses flashiness. The taste is soft and heavy. The scent has a modest, fruity scent (Ginjo Kaori Ginjoka). It has a liquor quality that enhances the flavor of the ingredients.

ABV 16%

SMV +4

Polishing 50%

Available In 720ml/1800ml

Rich Floral Aroma Medium-Bodied 

Pairing With Sashimi Sushi Sukiyaki, Tempura Dishes

Toyama Mikunibare Daiginjo Maboroshinotaki


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