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Junmai Karakuchi


Made from 100% Aizu rice, it has a refreshing and karakuchi taste

A Sake. meant to enjoy it at various temperatures such as room temperature, lukewarm, cold, etc.

It goes well with any food, due to the dryness, try experiment with spicy and savory food. It is a dry pure rice sake that you will never get tired of drinking every day.


ABV 17%

SMV +5

Rice : Aizu (Fukushima)

Polishing 75%

Available In 720ml

Daring Polishing Rate @75% Crisp & Dry-Balance  

Pairing With Izakaya, Yakitori, spicy Or Tempura Dishes

Fukushima Hanaharu Junmai Karakuchi

SKU: FH08-720

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