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Sake brewed with spring water from 100 famous waters has a solid yet delicious taste and a light quality. Striving for the “finest sake with mild aroma that is clean, smooth, and soft to the palate”, Hanaharu Shuzo continues to mill their own sake rice and brew sake in Aizu, Fukushima. The craftsman, Toshiaki Kuwahara, has created a rounded, crisp taste and a mellow scent that suppresses flashiness.


The taste is soft and heavy. The scent has a modest, fruity scent (Ginjo Kaginjoka). It has a quality that enhances the flavor of the ingredients.

Their sake reflects the umami and sweetness of the rice at maximum and brings warmth to everyone's heart. 


Goes very well with fish with Meunière sauce, tempura and yakitori.



ABV 16%

SMV -1

Polishing 55%

Available In 720ml

Classic GinjoSake Pleasant & Balance Finishing   

Pairing With Sashimi Sushi, Sukiyaki Or Shabu-Shabu

Fukushima Hanaharu Ginjo

SKU: FH02-720

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